Saturday, November 5, 2016

Natural Color // A Blogging for Books Review

If you know me personally, or even if you just read this blog from time to time, then you know that I am an avid knitter. This hobby (really more like a lifestyle for me) extends into a yarn obsession and a desire to learn everything I can about yarn crafts. This curiosity has likewise extended to learning about hand-dyeing yarn, and when I received the opportunity to receive the book Natural Color, I didn't hesitate to take it.

This book is all about dyeing yarn, fabric, and other textiles using natural resources such as avocado pits, madder root, rose petals, and more. What I like most about this book, besides the fact that it is divided by seasons to make it easier to chose projects based on their seasonal availability, is that it makes yarn dyeing an accessible art. The projects listed are written more like recipes, listing all the ingredients needed and all the steps required to prepare the dye bath, soak the yarn, and set the color.

Although time has not permitted me to try out any of these yarn dyeing projects yet (and because it'd be quite a task to make enough guacamole to acquire the number of avocado pits I would need!), I am eager to give it a try. The idea of knitting from yarn that I dyed myself would make me unusually proud, haha. I have great plans for trying it out soon though.

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.

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