Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Power of Broke // A Blogging for Books Review

The Power of Broke by Daymond John is all about starting from nothing and building a successful entrepreneurial business. From the idea that desperation breeds innovation, John takes us on a journey to understand how to think big and to strike quickly when opportunity knocks.

I enjoyed this book because I think it can apply in a non-business setting as well. For me, the book is all about garnering personal strength and energy to make a personal goal attainable, whether this goal is to start a business or not. This book is really just about being a more successful person, and success is applicable to any aspect of life.

My only real complaint about the book is that it focuses mostly on the success stories of other people and not on Daymond John's story, even though his story would have fit into the concept of the book. I do appreciate being given several examples of building a business from nothing, but I wanted to learn more about the author's own tricks and tips that worked for him.

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday and Happy Yarn Along Day! Linking up with Ginny from Small Things :)

This week has been all about adventures in yarn spinning! I don't have any pictures to show you yet, mostly because it has been quite the learning curve for me, but I will hopefully have some finished yarn soon that I'm not too embarrassed about.

David gave me this drop spindle and wool top (pretty sure its top and not roving) for Christmas, and it's been sitting out staring at me, asking me to give spinning a try. I am definitely enjoying the process, but so far it's been tedious and a little frustrating as I learn the nuances of spinning.

Maybe one day I'll be an old pro and using a spinning wheel. Those are my spinning aspirations, haha!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

On My Bookshelf: February

I read way more books that I thought I was going to during January. I had three books originally planned (Anne of Green Gables, Carry On, and The Jane Austen Book Club), but I read three additional books as well (The Prophet, The Martian, and I'll Give You the Sun). I don't know why, but I just couldn't stop reading last month. I think it has partially to do with the fact that I recently joined the Chicago Public Library, and books that I had on hold became available all within the span of a few days, so I only had three weeks to read them before I lost my chance. I guess that's a pretty good problem to have :)

This month, I hope to read the following books:

Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple
Okay, so I actually already finished this book. I devoured the last 50% last night because I couldn't put it down. I had to know what happened next and how it was going to end. And I definitely enjoyed it. It is a fast-moving book, so if I could do it all again, this would definitely be the perfect beach read.

The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan
You might have heard of this book before because Marina Keegan tragically died just days after her graduation from Yale. This book is a collection of some of her essays, short stories, and poems that were published posthumously.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
I love Elizabeth Gilbert for her extremely famous book, Eat, Pray, Love, and I'm so glad to dive into her newest book which is all about creative living and being empowered by the creative person within each of us.

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman
David and I have taken the 5 Love Languages test online, but I'm excited to read this book just to continue to learn to love better. David and I have been engaged since June, and we're working everyday towards our lives as a married couple, and this book is a perfect tool to learn to love in ways that the other person responds best :) I'm actually listening to this one on audiobook, so it will be coming along on the train with me on my way to work and school.

After You by Jojo Moyes
So this book is actually still on hold at the library, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will come in before the end of the month. After You is the sequel to Me Before You which I read this past summer. I loved the first in the series so much, and it's actually been made into a movie that will be coming out in June. I anticipate some ugly crying in the theater over this one. But anyways, clearly I'm excited to now read the sequel even though I don't think anything could ever compare to the first one.