Friday, October 9, 2015


Making: budgets on my Mint account
Drinking: Twinning's Lady Grey tea
Watching: Gilmore Girls reruns
Reading: the Throne of Glass series
Hearing: the hum of my computer
Understanding: that I don't always have the answers.
Knitting: (crocheting) all the flowers!
Wishing: cancer would just stop being a thing. I think we're all pretty fed up with it.
Enjoying: getting to turn the AC off
Liking: dinner tonight--quiche and green beans!
Loving: the memories David and I made this past weekend on our special date night :)
Hoping: to have an amazing time at Disney on Ice tomorrow with my littlest niece and nephew. The wonder on their faces should be well worth it.
Planning: ahead so I don't procrastinate my school work
Wondering: about God's great plan. "It's never been about your ability. Today's inability is His mercy."
Needing: to start knitting again... I miss my needles.
Wearing: shorts and a plaid button-down
Listening: to Alan Waits videos. This one made me ugly cry. But in a good way.
Eating: baklava and shortbread cookies :)
Thinking: about this past Sunday's church sermon
Writing: many reflective essays for my classes
Feeling: grace in the small things.

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