Monday, June 22, 2015


At work the other day, someone filled up a table in the breakroom and said that some plants were up for grabs. Since free is essentially one of my favorite words, I picked out the plant that looked the best and that I thought had the greatest chance of surviving in my care. The only problem is that none of the plants have tags so I have no idea what kind of plant I adopted. I posted a picture on Instagram asking people with greener thumbs than mine what kind of plant they thought it was, and although I don't have a finite answer, the concensus was some kind of a yucca or a dragon plant. What I really wanted to glean from this information was how to care for the plant, and I'm pretty sure that moderate to direct sun and minimal watering would be best.

If you have any idea what kind of plant this is, or if you think I'm totally on the wrong track, let me know because I would like this plant to stick around awhile, evidenced by the fact that I named it--usually a sign of over-attachment, but I thought it looked like an Edith. Call me crazy.

Nonetheless, I bought a beautiful planter for it, mostly because I'm trying to dress up the apartment a little bit, and I think it looks gorgeous. Of course, no picture is complete without a cuppa tea (in the most beautiful mug I own).


  1. Pretty planter! And we did decide what plant this is. Good luck with it, you'll do great as its new " mommy"!

  2. Thanks! I love this planter so much!