Friday, May 8, 2015

Sugar Ponderings

Hi, my name is Kerry, and I'm a sugar-aholic. Seriously. I have the biggest sweet-tooth of anyone that I know. I have read articles and watched documentaries (look up Fed Up on Netflix if you haven't already seen it), and I know that the newest research supports that it's not fat and calories that are the main culprit of why America is largely overweight; it's sugar. And while I am not on a mission to lose weight, I do want to make healthier decisions in what I eat.

I've been really intrigued by people who cut sugar from their diet for a certain number of days, 7-10 or even an entire month. And while these people say that the first few days are terrible, they also say that by the end of it, they have trained their bodies to crave sugar less, which is what I think I need.

I really want to try it out because I think I am way too dependent on sugars. While it isn't sugary drinks that I'm dependent on (I don't drink soda and almost never keep juices in the apartment), I can't go without cookies and ice cream. I think the real challenge though would be avoiding the foods that hide added sugar, like ketchup, some breads, etc.

This isn't my declaration that I'm starting this new regimen right now because I want to keep doing some research and find some "okay" food lists, but I am serious about this and want to start it soon. There's something about emerging from the hibernation of winter that makes me want to take control of my life in new ways. Maybe the next step (other than getting this sugar purge underway) will be to kick start a new exercise routine :)


  1. I think I can help with the exercise regime! :) (Sorry I have not had any time online in a long long time; haven't read your blog in months!). Maybe I need to cut down on the exercise!!

    1. And quite an exercise routine you're on! Can't wait to see LeConte pictures!