Sunday, February 15, 2015

New Adventures in Cross-Stitching

After I finished the gargantuan project that was my nephew's birth announcement cross-stitch, I took a hiatus from stitching. In its stead, I've been knitting and crocheting like a fiend, but I've been itching to diversify my crafts again.

Yesterday, David and I celebrated a German themed Valentine's Day. It was rather inadvertent, but when David asked me to make his favorite dish, hot German potato salad, I set the rest of the plans in motion. I spent the better part of the morning talking with David's mom, trying to learn all the secrets to her potato salad, but it ended up being quite a hit, and it even tasted to me like the original. It was so good that I'm tempted to make it more often, but David insisted that it's for special treats only. He clearly has way better self-control than I do.

I paired the potato salad with Bavarian pot roast which bubbled away in the crock pot for the better part of the day, and as a gift, I had made David a sweet little cross-stitch that I had found the pattern for online. It fit into the theme perfectly :)

I've also picked out my next cross-stitch project. I've been smitten with Jody Rice's patterns, and I purchased her newest pattern, Pretty Little Chicago. I went to Michael's the other day, and I purchased the embroidery floss for it. Unfortunately, they were out of 18-count aida, so until I get some, this project will be on hold, but I'm hoping to start it soon.

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