Thursday, January 1, 2015

15 Things to Do in 2015

Happy New Year! I'm so excited for 2015, and I know this year is going to be amazing. As I've done these past three years, I've outlined 15 things I want to do in 2015, and I'm excited to get working on all my goals!

1. Answer one prompt a week from my 642 Things to Write About book.
2. Read at least 30 books.
3. Move to Chicago!
4. Post at least one new YouTube video a month.
5. Start an Etsy store for all my excess knitting projects.
6. Take the GRE and apply to grad school.
7. Find a new job.
8. Learn to be a better girlfriend, daughter, sister, and friend.
9. Visit a state I've never been to.
10. Pray a novena.
11. Stop stressing about situations that are out of my control.
12. Learn to love myself more.
13. Take more pictures.
14. Take vitamins everyday.
15. Start a new journal.

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