Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tallying Up

Making: Christmas gifts, woohoo!
Drinking: Earl's Garden from DavidsTea
Waiting: very patiently for David's flight time, i.e., please don't come, time, because I want him here forever.
Watching: shadows on my wall.
Reading: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
Hearing: birds outside on my porch.
Understanding: that it's important for David to fly back to Chicago this evening.
Knitting: (crocheting) a special something. (How vague.)
Wishing: That weekends could last forever.
Enjoying: Halloween candy.
Liking: work perks.
Disliking: goodbyes.
Loving: time with David. My heart is full :)
Hoping: that I actually make time for a Pioneer Woman recipe this month :P
Planning: my November reading list.
Wondering: about my math test on Wednesday and hoping for a great grade.
Needing: to get my winter clothes out of storage.
Wearing: leggings, cat socks, and an over-sized PJ shirt.
Listening: to "Take Me Home Tonight"
Eating: breakfast.
Thinking: about the great weekend I had!
Writing: a test study guide.
Feeling: lugubrious and sad.

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