Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tallying Up

Making: plans to have some friends over soon.
Drinking: English Breakfast tea.
Waiting: nervously because I might get my ears pierced this afternoon!
Watching: lots and lots of Gilmore Girls.
Reading: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.
Hearing: kids playing outside.
Understanding: that change can be a good thing!
Knitting: (frantically) the last few rows of my sister's birthday present.
Wishing: that I could have taken advantage of Fall Break to see David.
Enjoying: an extra long weekend.
Liking: Sunday brunches with my family :)
Disliking: a King of Pops popsicle for the first time ever. I tried the Mexican Chocolate one and thought it was no bueno.
Loving: that David knows me so well and bought me Special K cereal in bulk.
Hoping: that my ear piercings heal quickly and that there are no issues.
Planning: Christmas gifts already!
Wondering: what happened to a card that was sent to me in the mail but that I never received.
Needing: a little faith.
Wearing: shorts. Gotta soak up that warm weather!
Listening: to Mae.
Eating: baklava from the Greek Festival!
Thinking: about the candle I lit at the Greek Orthodox Church yesterday.
Writing: down a yarn-to-buy list.
Feeling: great about the Theology on Tap conversation I attended this past Thursday night.

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