Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday Tea: Loving Myself

I love myself...

by making sure to drink a strong cup of tea in the morning.
by keeping a good pile of books to read on my nightstand and by always having an emergency book on the Kindle app on my phone.
by admitting when I need help and trying to admit when I'm wrong.
by cleaning my apartment because no one else is responsible for my messes but me.
by cultivating an attitude of creativity and feeding it with yarn and time to sit still and craft.
by chowing down on protein after 12 hours of holding my non-sleeping nephew.
by saying yes to new things but by also learning how to say no when necessary.
by drinking as much water a day as I can.
by wearing what I want.
by taking the time to journal.
by drinking peppermint tea when my tummy's upset.
by trying to give myself more credit.
by reminding myself that I am enough.

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