Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday Tea: The Framed Finished Product

Several weeks ago, I mentioned how I had finally finished a massive baby birth announcement to give to my sister following the birth of my sweet nephew. I showed a few pictures of the cross-stitch in its unframed, slightly wrinkled form, but now it has been matted and framed, and I think the finished display showcases the work much better!

I still have yet to start a new cross-stitch project after having finally finished this behemoth because I find it easy to get burned out on big craft projects, but I've been looking around online at potential future projects, and it's getting me excited to start something new again.


  1. Wow it's lovely! I'm still going with a cross stitch picture for my niece and she's four months old already :S Need to start stitching quicker!!

    1. This cross-stitch took me more than two years to complete, so trust me when I say that four months is nothing!