Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tallying Up

Making: tacos for dinner.
Drinking: Tazo Calm tea.
Waiting: for tomorrow's test to be over with.
Watching: Silver Linings Playbook.
Reading: Elements of Real Analysis.
Hearing: the sound of the outdoors since all my windows are open to let that cool, fall air in.
Understanding: basic topology (sort of).
Knitting: (crocheting) a bathroom hand towel.
Wishing: for an A on my math test tomorrow!
Enjoying: tea on cool days.
Liking: my new job quite a bit.
Disliking: Marta bus schedules (or lack thereof).
Loving: being competent in the kitchen.
Hoping: that time would slow down a little.
Planning: my next trip to the grocery store. You guys, I love Publix.
Wondering: about when I will get to see David next.
Needing: to start menu planning.
Wearing: the 311 shirt I bought over the summer at their concert in Chicago.
Listening: to classical music #studymode
Eating: a Chewy granola bar (BOGO at Publix this week!).
Thinking: about money saving techniques.
Writing: notes from my math book.
Feeling: fairly overwhelmed by life at the moment.