Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tallying Up

Making: a giant pile of paper to be recycled as I attempt to tidy up my apartment.
Drinking: Twinning's Earl Grey Tea.
Waiting: for a call from David this evening. It's a Sunday night ritual :)
Watching: S02Ep14 of Alias, a.k.a., one of the best television shows ever.
Reading: A Cup of Jo. I can't believe I've never read this blog before.
Hearing: the whir of the refrigerator. Does that thing ever turn off?
Understanding: that I'm going to completely mess-up my sleep schedule if I keep waking up so late on the weekends.
Knitting: the last few rows of the Honey Cowl.
Wishing: for a little more inspiration than usual.
Enjoying: the beauty of payday.
Liking: days-off even more than usual.
Disliking: that the flowers on my orchid are starting to see their last days.
Loving: an article I read about the Titanic from an old issue of Smithsonian magazine.
Hoping: for a great work week!
Planning: my first baking adventure with my new pie dish.
Wondering: where a certain ball of yarn went to.
Needing: to create a spreadsheet to help me better track my expenses.
Wearing: a well-loved t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts.
Listening: to A Day to Remember.
Eating: a leftover bean burrito from my favorite childhood Mexican restaurant, Los Bravos.
Thinking: about everything that happened this past summer. I can't believe fall starts on Tuesday!
Writing: lots of blog posts for my new job :)
Feeling: like it's time for another cup of tea except it's quite hot outside today, so maybe this one will be iced.

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