Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Blackberry Cobbler // The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Woof, I'm really cutting it close this month. Today after work, I dashed to the grocery store and then dashed home in order to make this month's Pioneer Woman recipe. The recipe in the cookbook is technically for peach cobbler, but she mentioned at the end that the recipe would also work to make blackberry cobbler too, so I made the switch (mostly because I didn't want to peel a gazillion peaches) even though, as it turns out, blackberries are crazy expensive right now.

I also halved the recipe, wanting to make individual size cobblers in the four ramekins that I got for my birthday.

The preparation was pretty easy, even though it turns out I'm the slowest person ever in the kitchen, and I worried some when the dough turned out to be sticky instead of crumbly, but I persevered, and even though the cobbler doesn't have that lumpy and bumpy texture that it was supposed to, it all tasted the same going down. Which was, needless to say, delicious. Ree Drummond wins again.

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