Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday Tea: A Kitchen of My Own

It's been a while since I did a Tuesday Tea post since this summer has been such a busy one. I spent an amazing amount of time in Chicago with David during July, and last week, my family and I spent seven days in Palm Coast, Florida at Cinnamon Beach. It's been hard getting back into the swing of things, and the same goes for this blog. I've been neglecting it a bit, and my posts have been sporadic at best, so hopefully I'll get some writing flow back.

One of my favorite perks about having my own apartment now is that I don't have to share my kitchen with anyone. Having roommates in the past, I always felt like I was cleaning up after other people's mess and that I was the only one who cared about a clean kitchen. But now, I'm completely in control of my mess and my mess alone. I'm not really a neat freak, but I really do hate walking into the kitchen to use a certain pot only to find that somebody has left it dirty on the stove.

But now that I have my own kitchen, I have more of a desire to cook more frequently. I have a really great breakfast smoothie that I like to make in the mornings, and just today I made really yummy sloppy joes for lunch. I'm excited for all future cooking in my kitchen.

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  1. First time didn't "take"... If you have two posts of same wording... Whoops, my bad!

    I love this post! Nothing like your own place and your own messes! Also love your picture!