Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tallying Up

Making: plans for a pie with my new pie dish.
Drinking: mimosas for my birthday brunch!
Waiting: on a call from David :)
Watching: Hart of Dixie.
Reading: Quilt Lab: The Creative Side of Science. Aka an awesome crafty book that has 12 quilting projects that revolve around science. Now I just need to learn to quilt! Any volunteers to teach me? ;)
Hearing: nieces and nephews running around.
Understanding: not a whole lot these days.
Knitting: the Lotus hat.
Wishing: that more people could see the good in others.
Enjoying: a day with my family.
Liking: that I finally own a meat thermometer! Yay for perfectly cooked food!
Disliking: my weekday commute.
Loving: my birthday gifts!
Hoping: for some guidance on some difficult questions.
Planning: to spend more time with friends.
Wondering: what the band schedule will be for Riot Fest in three weekends.
Needing: to run the dishwasher.
Wearing: a sundress as I soak in the last of summer.
Listening: to "Dear River" by Kina Grannis.
Eating: pancakes, eggs, fruit salad, and grits.
Thinking: about all that I want to happen while I'm 23.
Writing: in my journal.
Feeling: grateful for my family.

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