Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tallying Up

Making: my calendar for the week--going to be a busy one!
Drinking: hot tea. 
Waiting: my next chance to see David. 
Watching: The Birdcage and celebrating Robin Williams' legacy. 
Reading: My Ántonia. I was supposed to have finished this back in April, but I've been trudging through it.
Hearing: the honking of traffic.
Understanding: that waiting helps make things better.
Knitting: a lace scarf.
Wishing: on birthday candles as I turn 23 at the end of this week!
Enjoying: a less humid day!
Liking: the new freckles I got this summer.
Disliking: the ineffectiveness of Atlanta's public transportation.
Loving: the beautiful orchid that my mom bought me for my birthday :)
Hoping: that my sister has an amazing start to grad school tomorrow!
Planning: to spend some much needed time with my kitties this week.
Wondering: about the per usual ;)
Needing: to start doing yoga again.
Wearing: jean shorts and a fancy blue shirt.
Listening: to The Phantom of the Opera original Broadway soundtrack.
Eating: nothing at the moment!
Thinking: I need to plan a birthday pedicure :)
Writing: some new poetry.
Feeling: nervous but excited for what I hope will be an amazing week!

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