Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tallying Up

Making: strides in my to-do list!
Drinking: lots of water on the humid Atlanta days.
Waiting: for some working internet.
Watching: the premiere episode of Outlander over and over again.  It was so good!
 Reading: every Rainbow Rowell book ever written.
Hearing: the hum of my finally working laptop!
Understanding: at last a tricky math concept that went over my head for way too long.
Knitting: a basket-rib hand towel.
Wishing: for some dessert--preferably mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Enjoying: some new-to-me flavors of tea.
Liking: all that this summer has had to offer, but...
Disliking: that the summer is almost over.
Loving: my Canon camera.  My beach pictures turned out amazing!
Hoping: for a reprieve in the rain.
Planning: a trip to the grocery store tomorrow morning.
Wondering: what the next few months will hold.
Needing: to adjust my sleep schedule a little bit.
Wearing: a pre-bedtime face mask! Yay for looking ridiculous while blogging!
Listening: to Simon & Garfunkel.
Eating: dinner, a.k.a., leftovers from earlier in the week.
Thinking: that I need to prep some photos for blog posts for later in the week.
Writing: and updating my resume.
Feeling: ready to go this week!


  1. It's official, you now have to send me a picture of you with your pre-bedtime face mask. Aren't you glad I started reading your blog again?