Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tallying Up

Making: a grocery list for the week.
Drinking: a mug of The Earl's Garden from DavidsTea.
Waiting: for my suitcase to magically unpack itself.
Watching: reruns of Grey's Anatomy.
Cooking: oatmeal for breakfast--my favorite!
Reading: the Word. It's been too long since I sat down and deliberately read from the Bible.
Hearing: lots of birds at the bird feeder on my porch. 
Understanding: or at least trying to understand, that time passes too quickly.
Knitting: a birthday present.
Wishing: that the summer could last forever.
Enjoying: looking at all the pictures that I took this past week while my family took a vacation at Cinnamon Beach.
Liking: the feeling of sleeping in my own bed after seven nights in a strange one.
Disliking: certain aspects of adulthood. Like paying bills.
Loving: that my sleep schedule is finally fixed!
Hoping: that August is a great month--plus it's also my birthday month!
Planning: on buying plane tickets to Chicago soon to go to Riot Fest in September.
Wondering: which Pioneer Woman recipe I am going to make this month.
Needing: to buy a new laundry basket.
Wearing: PJ's!
Listening: to Rude by MAGIC!
Eating: fruit snacks.
Thinking: about my sister's sweet kitty who has been missing since Wednesday :(
Writing: in my One Line a Day journal.
Feeling: a little overwhelmed by the job hunt.

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