Friday, June 20, 2014

This Past Week

This past week has been completely crazy and absolutely flew by, and the fact that I forgot to post anything for Tuesday Tea and the Yarn Along attests to how busy I have been.

But there's a reason why I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off recently...

I got my own apartment!  My first, non-college, no-roommate apartment.  Yep, this girl is growing up. I've been living here for pretty much a week now, and it's been a really weird change, but I'm loving it. There have been some adult things that weren't very fun--like handing over that first rent check or figuring out insurance and getting all of my utilities turned on--but there have been some really awesome parts too.

Such as:
- establishing my own routine in the morning
- making tea in my shiny new tea kettle
- getting my first package (thanks, Bed, Bath, & Beyond)
- deciding where I want to put things, layout, etc.
- dedicating an entire area of my bookshelf to Jack Kerouac
- successfully vacuuming up all the bugs that lived here before me
- meeting my first set of neighbors (hi, Austin and Gretchen!)
- only having to clean up my messes (having roommates gets old quickly and is so overrated)
- having a porch that already had hooks installed for hanging plants (my parents' moving gift to me was a really pretty hanging plant with blue flowers.  I thought about naming it, but I figured I should test out my green thumb before I get too attached.  Hopefully this guy will stick around for a long time.)

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