Monday, June 30, 2014

Perfect Pie Crust // The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Being inspired to make some rhubarb pie, I thought what better time to use my Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook to make the pie crust. I was negligent in making a recipe last month, so I figured I needed to make a more daunting recipe for June.

Putting together the dough was really simple. It used minimal ingredients that I already had for the most part, and the only thing about it that was moderately difficult was incorporating the ingredients without the use of a pastry cutter. I just used a knife which worked fine, but it took much longer than it should have. I'll just add a pastry cutter to my list of luxury kitchen items that would make my life easier but aren't necessities.

The hard part of this pie crust process was rolling the dough out. It was an exhausting process trying to keep the dough uniform and resembling a mostly round shape, and eventually I just accepted that it was just going to be a very rustic looking pie. The dough also kept cracking and breaking apart (maybe add more water next time? Or freeze it for more or less time?), but eventually it fit for a 9-inch pie tin, the rhubarb got dumped in, and the second crust was laid on top. The crimping of the edges quickly became an imperfect science, but it definitely looked homemade and a little rustic.

And it tasted great too. The crust doesn't have any sugar in it, so it would be great for savory pies as well, and it was really buttery and flakey. Plus it complemented the rhubarb really well. Not that I had any doubt. You guys, I could eat pie everyday.

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