Monday, June 23, 2014

Baby Birth Announcement Cross-Stitch

If you've been reading this blog for a while and with any semblance of regularity, then you have seen a post on this cross-stitch before. The pictures really don't do the size of this cross-stitch justice, but I think how long it took me to finish should give you some idea. I started stitching this monstosity about a month after I started dating David, and more than two and a half years later, I'm finally finished with it. Granted, I did not work on this for the 2+ years straight; I took whole months off and even a whole year off at one point. All said, this birth announcement probably took me 6-9 months to complete (or at least it would have if I had worked on it on a consistent basis).

I was so thrilled to give this to my sister for her birthday this month after the birth of my sweet nephew in November :)

And now I just need to decide what cross-stitch I'm going to do next. I have some patterns on Etsy that I've been looking at, and I'd love to support someone else's small business in the process.

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  1. wow it's beautiful! The detail is lovely and the little animals so cute :) I'm working on baby cross stitch at the moment, it's taking forever! The baby is 1.5 months now so I need to hurry up... good luck with choosing your next project!