Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday Tea: Poetry Month

Happy National Poetry Month! April is always an interesting month for me because it always means that the end of the semester is near, and this year in particular, it means that the end of my undergraduate life at Georgia Tech is also ending--I still can't wrap my head around that!

Because this is likely to be such an emotional month--one of excitement but also sadness--this is the perfect time to spend my last few weeks of college reading and, hopefully, writing more poetry. I'm already subscribed via email to get a new poem in my inbox every morning (I've found some favorite poems this way!), and perhaps I'll finally take advantage of the Georgia Tech library for something other than class work. It has to have more than just textbooks and manuals and scholarly articles, right? To be determined.

I know I'm most creative when I have a clean and organized space to work in, so I spent some time today dusting and putting things away in my room. Hopefully I'm on track to creating a space that feels conducive to writing some poems of my own to add to my collection. Hopefully I'll be satisfied enough with at least one thing that I write that I'll be willing to share it here :)

I've had a headache for the better part of the afternoon, so I'm drinking some extra dark Irish breakfast tea in the hopes that the caffeine will lessen some of the throbbing. What are you drinking today?

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