Monday, April 7, 2014

Georgia Tech Bucket List

When I first came to Georgia Tech as a freshman, I had a small list of things I wanted to do during my four years here. As the years have passed, this list has morphed into a bucket list of sorts.

High on the list is to actually graduate (less than one month!!), one is to get a picture with Buzz (fulfilled this past December), and another thing on the list is actually something that was fulfilled on Friday. Being extremely involved in my high school's literary magazine, I made it a personal goal to be published in Georgia Tech's literary magazine, Erato, every year. The magazine comes out every April before the end of the Spring semester, and I've submitted one poem every year for the past three years, and I've been absolutely thrilled that all three poems were chosen to be published.

With the help and inspiration of my creative writing class last year, I went on a poem writing bender and, in an effort to have some new work to submit for this year, I sat down and edited my work and have some poems that I'm actually really proud of. I found out on Friday that two of my poems are going to be printed this year, and I am so honored. And I'm so thrilled to be able to check this small accomplishment off of my Georgia Tech bucket list. It's been quite a four years, that's for sure :)

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