Monday, March 31, 2014

What's In My Bag

For some reason, these are some of my favorite posts to read on other lovely blogs, so after finding myself out and about on Saturday, I decided to empty the contents of my purse onto the floor and take a peak into what I carry around with me on a regular basis (barring too many receipts and the occasional tissue, you're welcome).

1: Wallet + all affiliated items such as cash, debit card, ID, business cards, and metro cards.
2: Assorted pens.
3: Chapstick/Burt's Bees. Because chapped lips are terrible.
4: Digital camera, for documenting any necessary moments.
5: Rosary.
6: Sunglasses.
7: Hair ties.
8: Pepper spray, because I am too well aware of where I live.
9: Foam ear plugs, just in case. I value my hearing.
10: Kindle, for situations of boredom or waiting.
11: Tea bags (no explanation required).
12: Headphones.
13: Granola bar, for instances of unavoidable hunger when I know I won't get another form of food soon.
14: Hand sanitizer.
15: Hand lotion.

What do you always try to carry with you?


  1. I finally caught up! What I have in my pockets (aka my man purse) are a phone, Burts Bees, my Transportation Worker Identification Credential, my BP badge, my wallet (which includes various cards and a Chi Psi bottle opener) and my house/car keys on a carabiner.

    Love you!

    1. Thanks for telling me what you carry with you! I love you too, and your comments :)