Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Tea: Spring Break Recap

This past week was exhausting and amazing all at the same time.  On Pi Day, I flew up to Chicago to spend the first half of my Spring Break with David!  It had been a month since we had seen each other, and we were so happy to be reunited.  Luckily the weather wasn't too cold (perhaps Chicago is finally seeing the first signs of Spring?), but it was still cool enough to enjoy some hot tea without sweating to death.  We tried lots of new teas while I was there, and we even purchased some new black tea that we enjoyed brewing for breakfast.

Since it's Lent, we made sure to abstain from meat on Fridays, and on the first Friday of Spring Break we made a really yummy tilapia with a mango salsa.  We also prepared a Mediterranean couscous that wasn't quite to my liking, but I guess every cooking adventure can't be a complete success.

On Saturday, David and I woke up early to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with some of his Chicago friends.  Our first stop was a friend's apartment who was hosting a Green Eggs and Ham party (aka lots of breakfast food and lots of people in green shirts).  I met lots of people I had never met before (including an actual Irishman in a kilt), but I also got to catch up with some old acquaintances.  By the middle of the afternoon, David and I were pretty hungry again, and we knew we needed some more food before we met up with some other friends at a bar called Streeters.  We ate at a Vietnamese sub and noodle house called BB Bun Mi, and it was so yummy.  I got the lemongrass chicken sub and devoured every bite.  They also had free samples of the BBQ pork sandwich which was also delicious.  After our late lunch, we met up with friends at Streeters, and after a few hours of merriment and fun, we made our way over to the Burger Bar for dinner.  Neither David nor I was particularly hungry yet, so we split one of their corned beef burgers which was amazing.  It was definitely a St. Paddy's Day inspired meal, and David and I then made corned beef the next night.

All decked out in St. Patrick's Day paraphernalia.

After a crazy day on Saturday, David and I spent most of Sunday relaxing.  We watched The Avengers, which I had never seen before, went grocery shopping, and made some delicious corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and carrots that night for dinner--a St. Paddy's Day tradition in David's family.

On Monday, David left early for work, and I spent most of the day reading and doing some knitting.  When he came home that evening, we went on a fancy date night for dinner.  David had previously purchased a Groupon for a three-course meal at Aquitaine (a French-inspired restaurant just up the street from the apartment), and so we got dressed up and headed out into the cold for dinner.  I ate until I thought I was going to burst, but it was worth every bite.  The food was so wonderful, and it was so nice to go on a date with David.

Tuesday morning and afternoon were much like Monday in the sense that I got a lot of reading done.  That night for dinner, David and I just ate leftovers (since we had lots of them!), and afterwards, we took the bus to Macy's on Michigan Avenue so that David could buy a new suit for my sister's wedding.  We found a great suit that fit David really well, and by that point, we were pretty much ready for a weekend of wedding festivities!  I flew back to Atlanta Wednesday morning to help in the pre-wedding preparations, and David followed late Thursday night/Friday morning.  Friday, my sister's, my mom, and I had our nails done, and later that evening, we had the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.  The dinner was at the 57th Fighter Group restaurant, and the food was great (despite being a Friday during Lent).

Saturday morning dawned bright and early.  We all went over to my sister Erin's house to get our hair and makeup done, and then we went over to my parents' house to help Colleen put on her dress and take some pictures.  We went over to the church shortly after that for more pictures, and the wait before the ceremony was agonizing!  If it felt long for me, I can't imagine how it felt for Colleen.  She was truly the most beautiful bride I have ever seen though, and despite some hiccups throughout the day, it was such a lovely wedding and an amazing reception!  The reception was held at Naylor Hall in Roswell, and it was such a great evening.  The food was great, the photobooth was way too much fun, and I ended up catching the bouquet--it all amounted to a crazy day!

I didn't end up taking hardly any pictures throughout the day since I knew the photographer was taking way better pictures than I could have even tried to take, but I did snap the cuteness of my niece and nephew on the front porch together.  They were the perfect flower girl and ring bearer :)

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