Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Tea: Weekending

This weekend was jam-packed with lots of activities!  David flew in Thursday night, so we got to spend Valentine's Day together, and we spent the day buying and cooking a delicious dinner and dessert.

On Saturday, we went with my parents and one of my sisters to see the circus at Philips Arena!  The women that my mom banks with offered us free tickets, and they weren't only box seat tickets, but we also got to indulge in free food and beverages.  The circus was so much fun!  We saw elephants and bunny rabbits and 17 tigers all in one cage, and it was all really enthralling.  We had thought that it might be to cutesy and kid-oriented, but we were so pleasantly surprised by the whole event.

On Sunday, David and I went up to Alpharetta to belatedly have a birthday celebration for David with his family.  We had smoked brisket, twice-baked potatoes, asparagus, fruit salad, and rolls, and for dessert, David's mom made dark chocolate bacon cupcakes.  I was a little skeptical to try them, but they were so yummy.  So yummy in fact that Mrs. Brown sent me home with ten of them.  I have a lot of happy friends now.

Then on Monday, David and I went with some friends to the World of Coke.  I had never been before even though I am an Atlanta native, and it was a fun time.  Some part of it were obviously very exaggerated to make it more thematic (and of course they left out the minute detail that Coca-Cola used to be derived from cocaine), but I enjoyed myself.  It was interesting to sample all of the different Coke products from around the world (some good, some bad), and we ultimately determined that samples from Europe were the most disgusting, especially one particular beverage called Beverly.  After we were done at the World of Coke, we went to get a bite to eat at Fat Matt's, quite possibly the best barbecue in all of Atlanta.  This place is practically an Atlanta institution.  Afterwards, we got some really unique ice cream from Jeni's and went and lounged around in Piedmont Park for a couple hours.  It seems like we're finally getting some warm weather back, and I can't wait.

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