Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Tea: Handwritten

One of my goals for 2014 was to write more handwritten letters, so I figured what better time to start this than for Valentine's Day. I cheated a little bit and bought cards, but I purposefully wrote messages of love in each one. I think a nice, long letter on good ol' college ruled paper is called for next.

This drive to make my life more "handwritten" though has started to permeate into other aspects of my life.  Although I love the idea of a planner, I usually just maintain my scheduling electronically, but recently, I've really gotten into writing things down in my Moleskine planner everyday.  I've also been making lists like crazy.  Grocery lists, to-do lists, idea lists, you-name-it lists.  I've even done a little bit of blog planning, which is something that's new to me although I do prefer the posts that just come to me spontaneously.  Planning takes a lot of the stress out of life though, and by planning things ahead of time, I'm not rushing as much to get a million things done at once.  And who doesn't like that?

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