Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Tea: Sister's Weekend

Sometimes you just need an excuse to get away. My sisters and I started making that excuse six years ago when we started what we have dubbed our annual sisters weekend.

Every January, we trek our way up to Blue Ridge to Serenity in the Mountains, a spa and cabin-esque resort that has a lot of bang for its buck, especially when it's split amongst six people.  We proceed to have a weekend of gossiping, catching up on every detail of each other's lives, eating (of course), and some mild pampering. Our tradition is to all get pedicures together, and the estheticians always remember us.

The weekend always turns into lots of laughing, a little bit of crying, and tons of stories. And this year, we broke our rule and invited a boy... Well, my sister's precious ten week old baby boy that is :) We all took turns taking care of him while his mom got some much needed rest, and none of us were complaining; that dear boy is so loved. Sorry, Luke, you'll be too old to come next year ;)

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