Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Tea: Fall Break

As per promised (too long ago), I wanted to tell you all about my Chicago adventures during Fall Break. The break came at the end of a long week of midterms, the last of which didn't end until Friday at 3 PM, so I unfortunately had to wait on a late flight. I passed the time at the airport by doing some reading and drinking a cup of tea. There is one perk of late flights though, the cities below all look like a spider web of twinkle lights from above in the plane.

That night, after David picked me up from the airport, we watched the first episode of the new season of American Horror Story.  This show is amazingly terrifying, and I can't watch it without having a hand to squeeze.

The next morning, David and I went to brunch at Nookies Too.  We had been here before, and we couldn't resist returning.  I got the croissant French toast with mascarpone and strawberries, and David got the corned beef hash with eggs.

Later that afternoon, we saw the Midnight Circus perform.  They travel around to different park in Chicago every weekend, and David and I were lucky enough to have them performing nearby.  Some parts of the circus were definitely more geared towards children, but we still had an amazing time!  I was so impressed by the things these people could do!

That night, we made garlic and rosemary pork chops for dinner before dressing up and going to a wine party that a friend of David's was hosting at her apartment.  The wine, of course, was amazing, but even better were the pumpkin cupcakes.  I'm not usually a fan of pumpkin, but these were so yummy.  They were mini cupcakes, but I still ate at least eight of them.  No shame.

On Sunday, David and I had a mostly domestic day, only going outside to walk to church, as we made two different types of stew and my very first pie!  We made both a Mexican beef stew and a beef and vegetables stew in crockpots (it provided us with dinner both Sunday and Monday night, plus a couple leftover meals for David!).  After the stews had started cooking, David and I set about making our very first apple pie.  We cheated and used a store bought crust, but everything else was completely homemade, and the apples even came apple trees that David's roommate got from his parents house in Michigan.  I washed and peeled the apples, and while David thinly sliced them, I set about preparing the dry ingredients that we would be tossing the apples in.  Let me tell you, I could have eaten that stuff by itself.  Before we knew it, the pie was in the oven cooking, and in the meantime, we started watching the new Great Gatsby movie.  A feast of stew and apple pie a la mode was to be enjoyed by all.

Monday was one of my favorite days of the break.  David and I drove about 40 miles west of Chicago to Goebbert's Pumpkin Patch.  This wasn't just any ol' pumpkin patch though; it also had a mini haunted house, delicious homemade apple donuts, a corn maze, a pumpkin eating dinosaur, a pumpkin cannon, various wildlife, and, wait for it...a giraffe.  Not just any giraffe though.  It was a giraffe that you could pet and feed.  I COULD BARELY CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT.

 You know you're jealous.

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