Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Tea: DAVIDsTEA

One of the most fortuitous Chicago finds that David and I have had over the past year was the discovery of The Kerryman, a bar and restaurant that serves some seriously yummy Irish inspired foods. Plus I couldn't have picked a better name for it myself.

David changed apartments this past month, so we've had the pleasure of exploring a different part of Chicago, and this past weekend, we came across a great find. While driving back to his apartment one evening, we looked up and saw a tea shop called David's Tea. Seriously fate, y'all. We made plans to make sure to stop in, and once we did, we were so glad for our discovery. The entire wall behind the counter was filled with tins holding a hundred different types of tea, and we could either have a cup brewed for us right then and there or we could take some home with us. We ended up getting canisters of The Earl's Garden and the Organic Super Ginger. We made a the ginger tea that night, and it was so yummy and spicy.

Two great places that we like to think were named after us. 

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