Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Tea: Coming Full Circle

Over Labor Day weekend, I flew up to Chicago to go see David because I wanted to take advantage of the long weekend, especially before classes got too crazy.  While I was there, we did so many amazing things, and I even had a little bit of deja vu.  David moved apartments two weekends ago, so the first night I was there, we ventured out of the apartment in search of a restaurant we had never been to before.  We chose a Mediterranean place on West Fullerton Ave, and as we were walking to it, I looked up and realized that right next door was a tea place, The Bourgeois Pig Cafe, that David and I had visited the very first time I went to Chicago last Fall.  It was such a coincidence, so after eating, David and I stopped in to share a pot of tea.  It was pretty late, so we had some decaffeinated lemon rooibos tea that was so yummy.

It was such a great discovery to find that David now lives so close to this little tea shop.  I can't wait to visit it again.

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