Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Tea: Childhood Crushes

Let's be real.  We all had that one (or, one per week) guy who made our adolescent hearts flutter.  And I'm not talking about Devon Sawa.  I'm talking about boys that you actually knew.  For me, it was usually the boy I sat across from in the lunch room, and this young hunk was also next to me alphabetically, so we were pretty much placed next to each other all the time.

Why am I bringing him up on this particular Tuesday? I realized this morning as I was writing the date on the top of my class notes that today is in fact his birthday. Why do I remember his birthday? Once upon a time, I told said boy that I could guess the day he was born. He accepted my challenge, I "guessed" a day, and I got it right. From then on, my third grade class thought I was psychic.  The truth: I was a creeper. And my teacher had a list of everybody's birthdays on the bulletin board. But I accepted my cool psychic label.

So happy 22nd birthday, 3rd grade crush. I will never forget your birthday.

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