Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Tea: Chronicles of the Start of a New Semester

Last Monday, I welcomed my tenth semester at Georgia Tech.  This tenth semester is also hereby known as my second to last semester because I'm hoping to perform the rare feat of graduating on time, aided of course by lots of tea.  I made the discovery last week that it seems that nobody really knows about the Highland Bakery, so I've abandoned Starbucks' ridiculous lines for Highland Bakery's nonexistent ones.  It's especially great when I wake up too late for class to conceivably have time to stand in said ridiculous lines and still make it to class.  Plus their tea is cheaper.

Despite being on track for graduating this Spring though, I am having to take fifteen hours this semester and that has already meant that I have a to-do list a mile long!  I think having so much to do has actually been a good thing though.  It means that I have had to get early starts on all my assignments, and it really encourages me to stay on top of all my work as opposed to having days off where I have time to get lazy.  I've still had some time to myself though, so not all hope is lost. I'm not quite doomed to a semester spent purely at the library. I've devoted time every night to finishing crocheting my first blanket (almost done!!), and I had an amazing time celebrating my birthday last week. I've truly got some awesome people in my life.

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