Thursday, August 1, 2013

Six Things That Made Today Wonderful

1. For better or for worse (but hopefully better), I finished my last final this morning.  I never want to do another heat equation or partial differential equation again for as long as I live.
2. David flew into Atlanta today :)  I wasn't supposed to see him until Labor Day, but surprise of all surprises, we get to spend a weekend together four weeks early.  Sappy side note: Sometimes I wish we had a secret photographer to take a picture of us when we see each other again at airport arrivals.  I'm pretty sure it would look like a scene taken right out of Love Actually.
3. I did laundry and had pairs for all my socks.
4. I got to crochet for the first time in over a week, even if it was for only 45 minutes.
5. Today officially started the 2+ weeks I have off from classes.
6. In three weeks exactly, I will be 22 (a terrifying thought, but hey, who doesn't like birthdays?).

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