Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Tea: Argo Tea

One of the many things I love about Chicago is Argo Tea.  The first time I went to Argo Tea was during my first visit to Chicago last Fall.  David and I were out walking along Michigan Avenue, and we stopped in for some tea to get out of the rain.  And thus began my love.

Argo Tea started with the idea of becoming the tea equivalent of a Starbucks, and personally, this was one of the best ideas a person could have, especially since coffee has never been my drink of choice.  Unfortunately, within the States, they're only located in New York and Chicago.  If they decide to open in Atlanta anytime soon though, they can count on me to be their first customer.

One of my favorite things about Argo is the variety of tea that it has introduced me to.  Black tea has always been my go to tea of choice, but most recently, I got to try a red tea for the first time.  I had a non-caffeinated rooibos pomegranate tea, and it was soooo yummy.  I'm seriously itching for more.  I can't get enough.

And as of today, Argo Tea started their own blog!  As if I didn't have enough blogs to follow already.

The Argo Tea located on Michigan Ave has original artwork by the artist George Riney for sale.  This was my personal favorite, entitled "Serenity Sky"

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