Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday and Happy Yarn Along Day! Linking up with Ginny from Small Things :)

Does anyone else suffer from the problem of planning a new yarn project and buying too much or too little yarn? In the case of my camisole, I spent so much time calculating precisely how much yarn I would need and wound up with exactly two skeins of 123 yards each leftover. For my most recent adventure, I've already found myself buying more yarn to make my blanket big enough. 

I also got about seven or so inches into it before I made the spur of the moment decision to rip all of my progress out and make the blanket wider. Of course, I blame it all on my lack of crochet experience, but let's be real, most of my knitting projects start out this way too. My perfectionist tendencies have a habit of coming out in my yarn work. Not a bad thing, I suppose.

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  1. I think it is a common problem... all the best with this project...