Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Tea: Summer Room Tour

I'm of the belief that external environments affect internal conditions. As a result, I took a lot of time putting my room together this semester even though I'm going to be moving back to my old apartment come August. I wanted to create a space that I would find inviting, colorful, and organized so as to provide myself with a place of rest after a long day, a place where I would feel creatively stimulated, and a place where I could get work done.

I read somewhere that making your bed in the morning is a great way to start the day. It helps me to get in the mindset of staying organized, it helps me to focus so that I'm not constantly thinking about how badly I want to take a nap, and it just flat out makes the room look better. 

I wanted a way to display some of the memorable cards and pictures that I have accumulated over the years, and hanging them with clothespins seemed like a cute way to do so.  Now I smile whenever I see them :)

My friend, Alex, had a poster of this hanging in her freshman year dorm room, and I loved it so much that I took a box of crayons and replicated it onto just some printing paper.  It has such a great message.

I wanted my desk to remain a relatively clutter free area where I would be able to work but still be surrounded by things I love.

This is hanging by my door.  It's the last thing I see before turning off the light at night or heading out for class.

I love to be inspired by artwork.  These are always some of the first decorations I always add to my room.

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