Sunday, June 30, 2013

RIP Google Reader

The reign Google Reader is officially coming to an end tomorrow, and while David is convinced that there will be something else to replace it soon (like how Google Docs essentially became Google Drive), I am still mourning its loss.

I've been looking awhile for another means of compiling all my favorite blogs in one place for easy reading, and I found something that I think will be great.  I stumbled upon a couple weeks ago, and despite my initial hesitation about it, I really like it.  The perks: you can directly import your Google Reader websites into it, and it has a really awesome phone app (something I always wished that Google Reader had but didn't).

Also, if you're really into strictly reading blogs, this blog is also connected to bloglovin'.  Just click the button on the right hand side bar, and you'll be automatically subscribed to my blog that way.  Ya know, in case you'd like to stick around :)

1 comment:

  1. It's not dead, it's just sleeping. It'll come back like a like a butterfly from a caterpillar.