Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Tea

It's that time of the week again where I'm settling in at my desk with a cup of Irish breakfast tea, even though it is well past the hour of breakfast, and I'm contemplating goals that I have for this summer.  If you recall this post, then you know that back at the beginning of the year, I outlined 13 things I wanted to do in 2013.  It's not quite the middle of the year, but I thought the beginning of a new semester was a pretty good time to reevaluate how this year is going so far and maybe what I could work on or change.

1. Learn to crochet.

This is something on my list that I've technically completed, but I don't think I will ever stop learning new things in crochet, so it's something that I'd like to continue to expand upon over the next few months.  You can read about my first ever crochet project here though!

2. Get an internship this summer.

Well, this one has become rather moot considering it's summer and I clearly don't have an internship.  This goal was something that almost came to fruition though.  I found a company that I really liked at the Georgia Tech career fair back in January, and after initially meeting with them, I was shortlisted, and in March, I personally interviewed with them.  I met the CEO, the CTO, and the chief visual designer, and even though I thought things went pretty well, I never heard from them again, despite being told that they would follow up with me even if I didn't end up being chosen for the internship.  I even emailed them and never received a reply.  Lame.

3. Finish giant cross-stitch I started last year.

When I say giant, I mean it.  Seriously, no exaggeration.  I've worked some on this project recently, but I need to get moving on it more quickly because I have a reason now to get it done.  More on that later :)

4. Make a blanket.

This goal hasn't gone past the stage where I'm still looking for a pattern I like.  I haven't even decided if I want to crochet or knit it.  Hmmm.

5. Read the Bible in its entirety.

I am fulfilling this via an online site that has all of the readings for the day pre-determined.  I'm a little behind, but even if this ends up taking me more than a year, I love how spiritually rewarding this is.  I think taking the time to sit down and spend time reading the Bible is something that helps me to look at my life in new ways and become more of the person I want to be.

6. Learn to be a better girlfriend/daughter/sister/friend.

It's hard to answer this question objectively, but one thing that I know I have been working on is patience.  Without patience, I judge people and situations too quickly, I don't take the time to care for others, and I don't show respect.  I think the important thing to remember in regards to this goal is that no one is perfect (especially not me) and to always work harder towards a more perfect union.

7. Get better grades.

There is always room for improvement here.  I'm not a straight A student, and I probably will always have this on my list of goals for as long as I am a student.

8. Start and maintain a running schedule.

I hate running, and running hates me.  Regardless, even if it's not running, I am getting better at working out on a regular basis.  So hooray!

9. Read at least 30 books.

I'm definitely ahead of schedule for this goal.  I have read 14 of my 30 books, so I'm thinking that maybe I underestimated my abilities a little bit.  Maybe some of that reading time will start going towards other things though so I can be ahead of schedule for some of my other goals too, haha :)

10. Be more confident in my abilities.

This was kind of a vague goal, but I think I am doing pretty well.  Hands down, I am my biggest critic and a lot of the time, I don't think I'm as good at something as I really am.  Does that mean I'm incredibly boastful now?  I sure hope not, but I don't think I'm as timid as I used to be.

11. Join the Yarn Along over at Small Things.

The weekly Yarn Along is something that I look forward to every week.  It's nice to be part of such a great community of knitters, and I love looking at my fellow bloggers current yarn projects.  It's also a great way to get ideas for future projects!  You can look at my past "Yarn Alongs" here.

12. Stop stressing out about the future and things that are out of my control.

This is something that I will never be perfect at but something that I always want to work on because it is usually futile to worry about things that I cannot change.  Will I continue to experience other emotions as a result of these things?  Absolutely, but I just don't want so much negative stress to weigh me down.

13. Devote more time to playing the guitar.

This is something that I have definitely been doing!  I've been recording YouTube videos a lot more regularly, and guitar is a tool that I use to help myself de-stress.  Nothing beats a relaxing melody at the end of a long day.

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  1. Good progress my dear! (especially on the book front! Damn!)

    I have an idea to update goal number 2.you could start looking ahead at the Fall job hunt season. And you could add what you want to do to help with that (aka do research at Georgia Tech, pass and industry certification exam, check buzz port regularly for new postings, etc.)