Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Tea: From the Point of View of a College Senior

Since we last had tea, lots of things have happened!  I for the most part survived my exams and finished up the last of my Junior Year.  I now have Senior status, and really the only thing that means is that the incoming Freshman will look particularly young to my college wizened eyes.  Nonetheless, if all goes well and as planned, I will be done with my undergraduate career this time next year.

After exams were over, I spent all of my time either catching up on sleep or packing up my apartment.  I found myself amazed at just how much stuff I had accumulated over the year, and my systematic packing was eventually reduced to just putting things into bags with abandon.  This made unpacking difficult on the other end, but I wanted to get packed up as quickly as possible because David flew into Atlanta Thursday night.  His flight was supposed to get in at 9:30, but after he got to the airport and found out his flight was canceled, he managed to get onto another flight going out that night, but his ETA was now midnight.  Notwithstanding, I met him at the airport.  For anyone who has ever been to the Atlanta airport, you'll know that at arrivals, there is a three story escalator that you have to go up before you reach baggage claim.  And may I just say that seeing David reach the top of that giant escalator is pretty darn amazing.  I might or might not have cried a little bit in anticipation.

The weekend was really great.  David and I got to spend time with both of our families, and we spent a lot of time hanging out with fantastic friends.  Also, sidenote, may I just say that Canadians are awesome?  They're hilarious.

I moved into my new apartment Sunday morning, and David left that night.  Sad face.  We're thinking that we'll be able to see each other more often this summer though!  Happy face :)

Now I'm at home for the week :)  My parents, sister, and I are leaving to go horseback riding tomorrow, and it's going to be grand.  I haven't ridden since last summer, and I miss it.  In the meantime, I'm just doing a lot of knitting and reading and tea drinking!  And I got my hair cut this afternoon!

Four inches off and it's still this long!  I love it!

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