Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Tea: Finals Week

It's finals week (again--is it just me or does it always feel like finals week is here?), and I'm pretty much one step short of hooking up an IV tea drip.  I'm always drinking even more tea than usual this time of the semester because it's not so much that tea keeps me awake as much as it keeps me alert.  The internet is a trap of temptation, and I am constantly having to remind myself to focus on whatever math problem I have at hand, so tea is usually a pretty good distraction eliminator--it gives me something to do while I have to stop and think about a certain problem, such as, what the heck is the difference between a supremum and a limit supremum.  (Still trying to figure this one out.)

I'm also a really big fan of taking the occasional ten minute break every once in a while to help keep myself from going math crazy.  Writing this post is serving this very purpose, so thank you, blog world, for helping me maintain some shred of mental sanity.

Yesterday, I had the exam for my combinatorial analysis class.  The verdict's still up on how well I did on this one.  There were some questions that I'm certain I got full credit for and some questions that I stared at for fifteen minutes before eventually just writing down something that might have had some semblance of being close to correct.  I really loved this class though.  Professor Tetali is a great lecturer, and I wish I could have him again for future classes.

My analysis final is tomorrow, and I'm praying to even pass the class.  You think I'm exaggerating.  I'm not.  It's that bad.  Prayers tomorrow afternoon would be very much so appreciated.

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