Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Tea: Dead Week and an Exam Care Package

Sometimes I feel like every other week at Georgia Tech is Dead Week, but this week in particular is the dreaded week before exams.  Like every other Tech student, I'm giddy with the anticipation of summer, but I still have a little more than a full week left that will be filled with lots and lots of studying.

I can always count on David to make things better though. I had the great surprise of receiving an unexpected package from him yesterday, and just the mere gesture was enough to send my spirits through the roof. I waited until he was off of work to open it so that we could Skype simultaneously because it feels so much more special that way. David got to see me grin from ear to ear while I marveled at all the effort that he put into my package, and I even cried when I read his card. It was all so perfect.

And it really is the perfect exam care package. There are tons of Snoopy fruit snacks, a box of tea bags, some loose leaf tea, two different kinds of dark chocolate, and a tin of mints. Because David knows me so well, he also included some crafty things too. Besides knitting, I love to cross-stitch, and this package indulged that hobby too. He sent me an awesome new phone case that I get to cross-stitch a design onto (to be revealed later), and he also got me a glasses case that I can stitch something onto it as well. Top it off with more embroidery floss than I've ever owned in my life, and you have pretty much the equivalence of a holiday in a box. A box of love pretty much :) Clearly, David knows me pretty darn well.

P.S. The loose leaf black tea that David got me from Whole Foods is amazing; it's what I'm drinking right now :)

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