Sunday, April 7, 2013

Things I'm Loving

Breakfast: Breakfast is such an underrated thing. With so many studies pointing to the benefits of starting the day off right with some b'fast, it's a wonder why more people don't partake. Being home for the weekend, because yesterday I went wedding dress shopping with my sister Colleen (for her, not for me), my parents woke me up this morning to say that they were leaving to go to the Flying Biscuit and that I could come if I wanted. Three cups of tea, three slices of bacon, two eggs, and two pancakes later, you could practically roll me out of the restaurant. I'm pretty sure the benefits of breakfast are not heightened by bacon, but at this point, the damage is done.

Hair combs: I've had a fascination with hair combs ever since I saw the movie adaptation of Little Women when I was little.  In one scene, Laurie gives a sets of hair combs to Amy, and thus started my obsession.  This Easter, I received my very own set, and I love them.  They're vintage and Navajo, and I think they might have started an obsession with vintage items as well.

Knitting magazines: Once upon a time, David bought me a subscription to a knitting magazine for Valentine's Day.  We got a free sample magazine first to see if I liked it, and I'm enamored with it.  I'm pretty sure I've read it three or four times already.  It's a seasonal magazine, only four issues a year, but the current issue has plenty of things in it to tide me over until the summer issue comes out.  There's a project in it that I'm hoping to undertake--it will be my most complicated project to date!

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