Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Tea: Spring Break Planning

It's funny how just when it started getting warm in Atlanta, I'm leaving for Chicago. I'm beyond excited though, cold weather and the potential for snow notwithstanding.

As Molly pointed out to me yesterday, it's awesome that David lives in a city that always has something to do. Maybe almost too much to do, which is why David and I try to come up with a rough game plan ahead of time so that we don't waste an afternoon playing the "I don't know, what do you wanna do" game, which I am the queen of. Of course, we'll probably have at least one night of sitting around watching movies, but at least it won't be wasted time when our time together is so short as it is.

But even movies I already have pre-planned to a certain extent--I have a list of movies I've been wanting to see, haven't seen in a while, and some movies that David's mentioned to me.  I have a list of recipes for dinner and appetizers.  I have a Groupon to the Chicago History Museum.  I have a pair of leg warmers and a hat on the knitting needles currently to help keep me warm... The list goes on.  I just can't wait for Friday afternoon to roll around because then I'll be at the airport, probably drinking a cup of tea, and Chicago-bound :)

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