Monday, February 25, 2013

First and Last Love

This is a poem that I wrote this past weekend for my creative writing class.  We didn't really have a topic or a prompt to go off of, but we were told to talk about a personal issue (serious or not) that we could talk convincingly about.  Everyone presented his or her poems in the front of the class today, and I wanted to share mine here too.

First and Last Love

Let me ask you something.
What makes it worth it?
All questions and few, if any, answers.
I watch you get on that plane,
Tears streaming down my face
As I try to make myself appear sane
As I sit back down, alone now, onto that cold Marta seat,
Looks from other passengers thinking I’m either crazy or elitist
Or both
With my sunglasses on,
Hiding red eyes in embarrassment,
Or something like it,
As the train pushes off from the airport station
And lurches and jolts back to Midtown,
A microcosm for my life as I feel myself unseaming.
Six weeks.
Six weeks and the longest period we will have ever undergone without seeing each other
In the two years since we met that hot April night,
Dancing on picnic tables,
And that kiss you gave me on the forehead as I was leaving.

It seems like we do a lot of that,
Coming and going.
But beneath the physicality of location,
We stay.

And so to you who doubt
And to you who ask
“What makes it worth it?”
I say,

I have found the one who loves me biblically
My salt of the Earth
And the light of my world.
The kind of man who kisses my ribbons of scars
And loves me for my laugh lines
And knows that every wrinkle,
Every blemish,
Every tear,
Is a moment well-lived
And a second of my life spent learning how to love,
Love him
More importantly,
Love myself,
Waiting for the instant when we see each other again,
That look on our faces and the pound of our hearts,
Knowing that this
Is Love.

Copyright © 2013 Kerry Cogan


  1. Not bad my sweet ba-boo's.... not bad at all. :)

  2. This is really wonderful, I'm glad i've stumbled across your blog :-)

    1. Wow, thank you! You are so sweet, please visit some more :)