Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday and Happy Yarn Along! Joining up with Small Things today :)

So what am I knitting and reading currently? I cast-on a new project last night, and even though that's the extent of the work I've done on it, I'm not going to disclose what it's going to be: it's a surprise and a gift for someone :) I'm using the most wonderfully soft wool yarn though.  KnitPicks has outdone themselves with their superwash merino wool.

I'm also happily reading one of my favorite authors right now, Jack Kerouac. I have a goal of one day reading all his works, and I've already made a pretty sizable dent. The book I'm reading now is his first novel, The Sea is My Brother.


  1. Nothing like a freshly cast on project - have fun with it :)

    Thank you for stopping by at mine :) See you soon.

  2. Ooo exciting new projects ah? Wonder who it could be for ;-)

  3. Thanks for stopping by the World of Wiedz.

    Love casting on!!!! Happy knitting.

  4. What's your favorite Jack Kerouac book?