Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yarn Along

As outlined on my post about 13 things I want to do in 2013, this year, I want to join the "yarn along" over at Small Things.  The gist: every Wednesday, write a post that features my current yarn project.

This week, I am working on a lace cowl that I'm knitting up for my mom.  I already love how it's turning out though--I want to keep it for myself!  The pattern can be found here on Ravelry.


  1. The best gifts are the ones we want to keep for ourselves. Looks pretty so far and I bet your mom would let you borrow it on occasion.

  2. This is great! I'm thinking of doing a cowl for all my family women for next Christmas. I have the first one I did for me and thinking I'll do that design again, but really liking the look of this one of yours. Good Luck!