Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bottlecap Coasters

Quite some time ago, David told me that he needed coasters for his apartment.  Because there's nothing like a little knitting to make a place feel like home, I knew that the coasters should be knitted (also per David's request), but I wanted to do something more than that.  A couple days later, the perfect idea dawned on me.  Bottlecap coasters.  But then the problem of collecting bottle caps ensued.  I don't drink bottled drinks very often, so my process of collecting the caps was essentially reduced to just nab them from other people after they opened their beverages.  Problem number two resulted when I realized that the people I was getting bottle caps from have their own personal favorite drinks, and because I wanted each coaster to have nine bottle caps from nine different drinks, it took a long time for me to acquire some variety.  I didn't want to give a coaster comprised entirely of Blue Moon caps after all.

Of course, the end result is that even though I've knitted quite a few bases for the coasters, I only had enough bottle cap variety to complete one.  Oh well.  Now that David has his one coaster and knows that I'm collecting bottle caps, maybe the process of collecting them will go faster :)

Getting ready to hot glue the bottle caps to the knitted base!

All done!

And it serves its purpose perfectly :)