Monday, October 29, 2012

Knitted Hat

My most recent knitting endeavor has been a hat. I saw a video on how to knit hats, and it didn't seem too difficult so I gave it a whirl.

The video said to cast-on the stitches in multiples of eight. Not actually knowing how many inches around David's head is, I initially cast-on 104 stitches. After about two days of knitting though, I decided the circumference looked way too big. After a lot of deliberation, I ended up ripping out my work and starting over. This time I cast on 88 stitches. I used 16" size 8 circular needles, and my yarn was KnitPicks' comfy worsted yarn in Jalapeno. The whole hat knitted up in less than one ball of yarn.

After I had cast-on my stitches, I joined the stitches in the round and started knitting and didn't stop. Once the piece was long enough to fit on my head, I added stitch markers (or paper clips if you're too stingy to buy actual ones like me) every eight stitches on the next pass around the needle. Then I started to form the top of the hat. The method: just decrease every time a stitch marker is encountered until only four stitches are left on the needles. After weaving in my ends, I had a finished hat!

The spiral top :)

Awesome paper clip stitch markers


P.S. This was actually my second attempt at this particular hat.  The first one ended up being a bit too short. When in doubt make it too long and just roll the brim some more.

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